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Create a password “Manual” and keep it by your desk as a great reference.  Fill
in your passwords and user names for all the websites that require you to log-
in.  You can also keep your credit card numbers in there as well. This will save
you a lot of wasted time trying to remember or locate previous passwords, user
names, etc. *Use only if your computer is in a private setting*

Start small and you won’t get overwhelmed. Baby steps are best.  Show yourself
you can be successful at organizing, even if it is just one drawer in your desk!

Create and use a Grocery Item spreadsheet. Place it in your kitchen and have
family members check-off items that need to be purchased.  This eliminates
having to write-out the items each time and when you are ready to go shopping,
just grab your list and go!  

Perfection is not the goal.  Perfection is not maintainable.   Simple, useful,
functional systems that can be maintained are the goal.

For papers in the kitchen, use a portable hanging file holder to keep the papers
organized and contained. Try using a different color folder for each family
member. You can also assign a color for Family, School, Business etc.

Each month purge all ATM, deposit slips and credit card receipts after you have
matched them against your statements.

Don't waste time selling junk. Trash stuff that is obsolete such as text books, old
computers and broken items.

Organize your purse by using clear pouches/bags to put like things together.

Reward yourself for repetition - it takes three weeks to create a new habit.
Reward yourself after three weeks of consistent behavior.

Keep a litterbag in your car. Be prepared in case of an emergency - keep a
blanket, first aid kit, bottle of water, umbrella and an extra pair of tennis shoes in
your trunk.

Rent a safe deposit box for originals of your vital documents.

Stop the busy work.  It makes us "feel" better to always be busy doing
something. We feel like we are moving forward.  However, if all we're doing is
busywork, we are not only wasting our time, we are delaying tasks that actually
need to get done now.

Organize Your Garage...Peg boards work well for smaller items like tools. You
can purchase peg board and have them cut it for you at Home Depot or Lowe's.
Also, invest in a decent tool chest. This will help you label and identify a specific
home for each item.
Organizing Tips
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