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I had a delightful experience working with Pam Rackley in the organization of
my kitchen, pantry and laundry room.  As a hopelessly unorganized person,
I expected this to be a very onerous process.  Instead, it turned out to be a
fabulous experience.  Pam is friendly, knowledgeable, efficient and
dedicated.  She listened to my specific needs yet she was able to inject her
professional opinion without being offensive.  I would and will highly
recommend her to all my friends.  I look forward to working with her on
several other projects in my home.  

McKinney, Texas

Pam was not intimidated by what had overwhelmed me for a solid year. She
dove right in and got started. I liked her diligence to get my business/home
more organized. I appreciated the fact that she genuinely cared.

Fort Worth, Texas
I had a great experience working with Pam Rackley in the organization of my
files and hobby materials.  And best of all, I have no more clutter!  Pam
advised me through the difficult process of deciding what to keep, what to
discard, and finally, how to organize what I had left.  I am not necessarily
messy, but like many people, I tend to collect things, and lots of them, over
time.  Pam was very helpful, knowledgeable, full of good organizational
ideas, and best of all, fun to be around during this tedious process.  She did
a great job of listening to me and offering needed advice to solve my
organizational issues.  I highly recommend Pam to you to help sort through
your mess, and I can now look without trepidation upon my next de-cluttering
job because I know she is only a phone call away.

Denton, Texas
Pam Rackley didn't even flinch when I opened the door to my "Room of
Shame."  This room had become a dumping ground for everything that did
not have a place within our home.  She patiently helped me sort through my
mountain of personal paperwork and provided invaluable guidance as to
what to throw away, what to keep and what to place in long-term document
storage.  Pam had wonderful ideas about how to organize and store what
needed to be kept and accessed quickly.  My husband and I are so grateful
for her help.  We finally feel organized.  Thank you Pam!

Thanks again for your help!
Kathy N.
Frisco, Texas
My first impression of Pam when I called for assistance was that she had it
all together. She and I spoke on the phone for almost 30 minutes and
without hesitation, she asked me all the pertinent questions about my
pantry issues as well as my thoughts on the budget that she should try and
stay within as far as the accessories.

I needed her to come in and take over. I run two businesses and am on the
go 12 hours a day, 6 days a week so when it comes to doing an over-haul
on my disaster of a pantry, which by the way is a 6 x 5 walk in, I had to call
in the pros or in Pam’s case,
The Pro.

The day that she came, my husband and I were away at an all day event
and left her in the house to do her magic. When we returned to the house
that evening, I was shocked and surprised at the difference she had made.
I truly don’t know how she did it in one day. I felt like I had been on Clean
Sweep! It didn’t feel like I was standing in my own pantry. She not only took
EVERYTHING out of the pantry to go through but she also sorted out
things that she felt like I probably didn’t use that often or not at all. Boy was
she right on all of it. Stuff that was just taking up valuable space that
needed weeding out. She sectioned areas of different ethnic food groups
and there is a section for all my baking items. My canned foods never
looked so good! The dogs even have their own little cubby bin for their

Now, every time I go in the pantry to get something, I have to stand in the
middle of it and just take a look around. It still makes me smile every time! I’
ve been more cautious as to where I place my grocery items now. I take
the time to keep it organized. Pam has shown me that there is a proper
place for everything and I do plan on keeping it that way.
As far as I’m concerned, she is the best and I will definitely employ her
business again in the future. Thank You Pam!!  I’m so thankful that there
are people like you who love to do this!!

Jennifer H.
Frisco, TX
Proud Member of
I really enjoyed working with Pam Rackley. She did a great job helping me
organize numerous areas of our home. Amazing what we accomplished in a
short amount of time. She was a pleasure to work with and I would
absolutely recommend her to others.

Stacy, Dallas
Pam came to speak to our MOPS group and everyone absolutely LOVED
her!  By the end of the meeting, we were all talking about what we were
going to organize when we got home.  Several ladies came to me days
after our meeting and commented on Pam and how much they got out of
her talk.  We will definitely have her out again!  

Alicia McKee
Programs Coordinator
Preston Ridge MOPS, Frisco, Texas
Working with Pam (Calm the Clutter) was like working with a good friend
and an excellent business woman all rolled into one...Pam’s expert
organizational skills took our office from complete CHAOS to a functional
workplace with a constant & organized “FLOW”; that I like to call the
“Pam Touch”!

Thank you Pam!  WE ALL (DMSG) MISS YOU!
Allen, TX