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Organizing DFW

Needs Assessment
Our one hour Needs Assessment includes a detailed analysis of the room or space. What is not currently working
for you and what is working or has worked in the past for you? What it is you want out of the space, what is your
ideal end-result? We will then discuss goal setting and a plan to get started.  We will create a plan that works with
your budget.

Residential Organizing
We can de-clutter and organize any room in your home.  We will design and implement organizing systems that will
work specifically for you and your family.

Home Office or Small Business
Do you work from home? Own a small business? We work with Small Businesses to help improve and increase
productivity. Let us organize your files, electronic data and office space.  We can get you organized electronically,
including email, word documents, file systems, even photographs and general PC clean-ups.  For Paper
Management, we can develop a system specifically for you and your business to get you organized and start and
maintain a sensible FLOW of all that paper. Let us help you maximize your efficiency at home or at work.

Technology Organizing
Do you need help organizing electronic information on your computer? Your phone? Your I-Pad? We specialize in
organizing electronic information. We also offer QuickBooks as an additional service.  

Hands-On Organizing
We'll work side by side with you to get you organized.  Sorting, purging, assigning, containerizing and evaluating.

Not So Hands-On Organizing
Many clients ask if they have to be present for the organizing or if we can "just do it." The answer is "No" you do not
have to be present and "Yes" we can just come do it. Our services are tailored to meet each and every clients
specific needs, wants, and goals for Organization.

Emergency Preparedness
Are you prepared for an emergency? Do you know what papers you would need? Do you have a copy of these
papers outside of your home? Let us help you get prepared by creating an emergency plan for you and your family.

Student Organizing
Do you have a student at home that needs help getting and staying organized? Being dis-organized can seriously
affect a student's chances to achieve the best grades possible. Let us design a homework/project/goals/event
calendar system that will help your child do their best in school!

We will gladly assist in preparing your home for sale by organizing drawers, closets, linens and garages. We are
also available to help you unpack at your new residence!

We will be happy to speak to small groups, large groups and everything in-between! Some of our favorite speaking
topics have been "How to Simplify your life, so you can enjoy your life!" and "Clutter: What is it? Who has it? And
what to do with it?"
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