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Organizing DFW
What's in My Bag?
Ever wondered what a Professional Organizer has in their bag?
Here's a list of what I typically have in my work bag on any given day!

1. Label Maker
2. Extra Tape for Label Maker
3. Pre-Labeled Signs "Trash" and "Donate"
4. Sticky Notes
5. Sharpie Pens
6. Screwdrivers
7. Sticky Tape (different adhesives)
8. Tape Measure
9. Gloves
10. Clorox Wipes
11. Large Trash Bags
12. File Folders (hanging and non hanging)
13. Tabs for Hanging file folders
14. Goo B Gone
15. Nails, screws, wall hangers
16. Scissors
17. Zip Ties Large and Small
18. Stapler
19. Paper clips

There you have it!

Pam Rackley
Organizing Lives * One Room at a Time
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