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Top Ten Organizing Tips for Travel!

"He who would travel happily must travel light."
Antoine de Saint Exupéry

He who wrote this, never had to worry about matching outfits, shoes, purses
and jewelry.

My husband and I have very different "packing" philosophies. For him, it is all
about how small of a suitcase he can take and still have all the underwear he
needs. For me, it is about how many outfits (i.e. clothing, shoes, purses,
jewelry, etc.) I can pack into a small enough suitcase that my husband won't
continually harass me about it for the duration of the trip.

I realize as a Professional Organizer I am here to encourage and teach others
about simplicity and getting rid of clutter. However, I do not believe that
packing necessary items (within reason) should be considered clutter. I am
also all about having systems in place to make my life less chaotic, less
stressful and more enjoyable.

Here are my Top Ten Organizing Tips for Travel!

1. Have a master list and use it. Here is a great website to help you with your
packing list. This site will have you answer various questions regarding your
travel plans and will then spit out a packing list for you. This is a good place to
start but make sure you customize it for you and your family. I have a master
list for travel with kids and without. Yes, my list for "with kids" is about 3x the
size of the other....

2. Have a "Packing Zone" in place. I have one of these for each child and one
for myself. [My husband is 33 years-old and if he is not able to pack for
himself, he shouldn't be traveling. IMHO.] The "Packing Zone" should consist
of items that you intend to pack as well as your suitcase of choice. Start the
zone a few days before you leave. That way you will be able to start adding a
little at a time and not be rushed to get it all together at once.

3. Use outfits. I like to lay-out an outfit for each day and possibly evening as
well if appropriate. I lay-out shoes and socks and under garments for each
day. Then I always add 1 or 2 emergency outfits. We all know sometimes we
just aren't in the mood for "that outfit" we packed...

4. I also have a "Before we leave" master check list. This list includes things
like, check windows/doors are locked, fans/lights turned off, stove, iron, flat
iron are turned off etc.

5. Use a Hanging Cosmetic Bag. My good friend Tiff used one of these on a
trip we took together and I loved it! She got me one for my last birthday. The
best way to use it is to buy duplicates of items and just keep them
permanently in the organizer. Its great to use during your trip as it just hangs
on a robe hook for easy access throughout your stay. I also like having one
less thing to unpack when I return home!

6. Use a Travel Document holder. You will be asked repeatedly for your ID if
you are traveling by air or train so use one of these to keep your ID handy. It
also holds your tickets, baggage claim tickets, passports etc.

7. Pack your electronics together. By this I mean cords, Ipods, laptops, CD's,
phones etc. It is easier to find what you need, when you need it if it is all
together in one place. Same goes for items you will need in transit to your
destination including medications and money. Don't pack these at the bottom
of your suitcase!

8. Go to bed early. OK, you're right. This is just a personal tip not an
organizing tip. LOL Stems from traveling with grouchy people on too many
occasions. Yes, I am probably one of them. (At least when I don't go to bed

9. Leave early. I do not like to be rushed. It adds stress to my day. If you
prepare early, leaving early won't be a problem!

10. Have fun. relax. Make memories. Enjoy.
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