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Top Tips to Organize School Work Clutter

If you have a child in school, you've probably been amazed at the amount of paper sent
home every week from the school. At first I found it outrageous that this much paper was
used every week by every child in every class and every grade. Yes, that is probably a
whole other blog about Going Green with Organizing. But it did get me thinking. And I know
that at the beginning I struggled with the papers coming home. What to do with them, how
long to keep them, where to keep them. I tried several systems in my house before I found
one that I liked and still use. I have also worked with clients who have this issue and we
have found different solutions for them to use that work better for them. Here are some tips
from both categories...

1. Create a school zone.
2. Divide the zone so each child has their own area.
3. Label, label, label each area.
4. Here is what I use. They are on sale right now!
5. Use a divider for each child.
6. Within that divider, label a file for each child, plus any after-school activities, (i.e. Piano
lessons, gymnastics, soccer, etc.)
7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 for each child.
8. Create a "Take back folder" for each child. Use this for items that need to signed or
turned back in to the school.
9. Teach kids to place their folders in the school zone each day after school.
10. Go through folders and place papers in their proper home. If they don't have a home
you either need to create one or get rid of the paper.

Try these tips out and let me know what you think. Remember, it takes 3 weeks to create a
new habit. Keep at it and be consistent.

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