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Top Ten Quick Tips to do RIGHT NOW!

Hello all! This is quick tip week. The tips are quick and so is my blog. Here
you go…..

1. At home and work, color code your filing system so you don't waste time
looking for the right file. For example, all of my client files are green, financial
files are red, orange for family stuff etc. I know exactly what type of file it is just
by a quick glance.

2. If you are a list-maker, use one notebook and one notebook only. Use the
ones that are divided into different sections already. Label one for work, one
for personal, one for kids, etc.

3. Don't waste time selling or donating junk. No one else wants your old socks
or underwear or shoes with holes in them.

4. Create a password "Manual" and keep it by your desk as a great reference
for websites that you visit that require you to log-in.

5. Create and use a Grocery Item spreadsheet. Place it in your kitchen and
have family members check-off items that need to be purchased. This
eliminates having to write-out the items each time and when you are ready to
go shopping, just grab your list and go!

6. When you receive a magazine in the mail, go through it and tear out the
articles that interest you. Place them in a file folder and keep in the car for
something good to read while waiting in the car-pool line or in your briefcase
for plane rides.

7. Never place something big on top of something small. For example, don't
lay your mail on top of your keys. It makes finding what you are looking for
even more difficult.

8. Label, label, label. This way everyone in the house can find the proper
place for an item, instead of just you.

9. Deal with your mail every day! Don't let it pile up. The bigger the pile, the
more you dread it and the less likely you are to do it. Keep a shredder, a
trash can and an in-box (one for each family member if necessary) near the
door you use to enter the house. Sort the mail immediately. Life will be better.

10. Allow one memory box for each family member. (Think under-bed storage
bin size)Use it to store items that are sentimental to you. When the box is full,
go back through it. If you have to ask yourself what is this or why did I keep it,
get rid of it. Another trick is to take a picture of sentimental items and keep
the picture instead of the item. Your memory box can hold a lot of pictures…..

Short and sweet.
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