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Top Tips to Stop Procrastinating:

Part of my job as a Professional Organizer is to help people with time
management issues.  The most common question I receive is regarding

1. Break it down – Often times we don’t start a project because it is too
overwhelming.  If you have a large project, break it down into sections of
what to do.  This is less stressful and allows us to feel like we have
accomplished something after a short period of time.

2. Start with the worst – Most of the time, nothing is as bad as we imagine.  
Make a master list of what you are procrastinating on right now.  Now, put
them in order of what you dread the most. Start with that task.  Get the
worst over with it.  The rest will seem like a breeze!

3. Stop the busy work – It makes us “feel” better to always be busy doing
something. We feel like we are moving forward.  However, if all we’re doing
is busywork, we are not only wasting our time, we are delaying tasks that
actually need to get done now.

4. Categorize – Create an Action file.  Make a list of tasks that need to be
done within the next 48 hours.  Place this list in your action folder. Create
a short-term project folder and long-term project folder.  Separate your
tasks by when they need to be done.  

5. No time like the present – Stop reading this Blog and get back to work!

Everyone procrastinates.  Everyone in some way procrastinates.  The real
danger in letting procrastination get out of control is that it can very easily
take over your life and stop you from achieving your goals.  Put a
procrastination motivation plan into place and move forward!
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