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Party Organizing Tips!

We are getting ready for our Annual Mardi Gras themed-party at our house this
weekend so I thought it would be appropriate for me to share some of my favorite
party organizing tips with you. Party on!

1. Start early. Pick your party date well in advance. As a person who likes to make
lists and plan ahead, this is essential for me.

2. Start small. If you are fairly new to entertaining, start with a small guest list.

3. Create a guest list and get those invites out early. Give your guests the
opportunity to plan ahead as well. Especially if they need to get sitters, etc.

4. Use electronic invitations. Using an online invitation helps you stay organized
with your invite list and your RSVP's. In today's crazy busy world, a lot of people
will fail to RSVP if they have to find the invitation with the phone number on it, find
a good time to call for you and for them and remember to do all of this before the
party actually takes place! However, if they can reply with a simple click on yes or
no, they are much more likely to do it. It also helps you keep track of the RSVP's
as they come in.

*I love using
www.evite.com. They have a huge selection of invitations to choose
from and if you can't find one you like, you can create your own using your own

5. Create a menu/beverage list based on number of guests. Use a party drink
planner like the one on
evite. This will help you decide what and how much to buy
for your party. Shop early for non-perishables.

6. Create a decoration list. Keep decorations simple and general.

7. Start getting ready early. There are always things that happen that are
unpreventable. Having more time allows you to handle these inconveniences with
grace and even a sense of humor at times.

8. Don't forget to have fun. It's your party!
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