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Organize Your Garage!

1. Give yourself time. Organizing a garage takes time. Set some realistic
goals, such as being able to find what you need when you need it, or being
able to park your car in the garage.

2. I have found the best way to start is to remove everything from the garage.
This will take some time and will require some manual labor so you may want
to gather as many family members as you can!

3. Sweep the floor! Get all those bugs and dirt out of your soon to be
organized garage!

4. Your next step is sort and purge. Put all like items together in a group. That
way you will know what you have and what you need to find a home for.

5. Purge. Most clients hate this word, but it is really a necessary evil in your
quest for organization. Rid of anything that is broken or missing parts or
hasn't been used during the past year. Throw-out items the kids have
out-grown or things that have been opened and not properly maintained
during the winter such as pesticides and planting soils, etc.

6. To get everything off the floor, you may want to install a wall system. I like
to use Rubbermaids FastTrak system. It is an economical solution and easy
to install. They have hooks that slide onto the system for practically any item
you can think of.

7. Peg boards work well for smaller items like tools. You can purchase peg
board and have them cut it for you at Home Depot or Lowe's. Also, invest in a
decent tool chest. This will help you label and identify a specific home for
each item.

8. For kids! - I love the ball bin at Container Store. It will also hold bats for
you. This will keep the balls off your floor and easy to find. Kids love putting
their balls back in this easy to use system.

9. If you want storage with doors, Lowe's has a system for that as well. These
are good to use to gardening items, camping supplies, sporting equipment,
etc. The closed-door systems will keep your garage looking nice and neat.
Make sure you label the inside shelves so everyone in the family will know
exactly where items belong and where they don't belong.

10. Organizing is like losing weight. It has to be maintained and re-evaluated
along the way. If you find that certain items are left on the floor over and over
again, re-evaluate and find a new system for that item.

If you need help along the way or if you have questions, please give me call. I
am available for telephone consultations as well as in-person, hands-on

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