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Top Tips for Organizing Photos

I think this use to be a much bigger problem, before digital cameras, but
for a lot of us we still have boxes or folders or boxes with old photos in
them that need to be sorted, organized and preserved.  Here are my Top
Tips to achieve this:

1. Collect your photos from all over the house.

2. Start with two piles. Pile # 1 is for packets or envelopes of photos, Pile
# 2 is for loose photos.

3. Start with Pile # 1.  Quickly flip through each packet of pictures to
determine year or event or person.  These are the three basic ways to
organize photos.  Label each packet with a year, an event or a person’s
name.  If you are unable to answer any of these three questions, start a
Pile #3.

4. Move to Pile #2.  Purchase some photo boxes and label one for each
family member, major events (weddings, birthdays, vacations, school
pictures). Depending on the number of photos and your preferences,
you can even designate and label a box by decades or years.  
Remember, as you go through photos to immediately toss the photo if it
is (a) blurry, (b) subject has eyes closed or (c) you have no idea who or
what is in the picture.

5. Once these are labeled start sorting pile #2 as best you can.  It will
most likely be necessary to add additional boxes and labels as you go,
so have extra on hand.  Again, if you are unable to identify a place, event
or person, place in pile #3.  

6. At this point, you should be able to merge your loose photos and your
packets.  Because you have sorted your loose photos into boxes based
on event, year or name and you have already determined this same
information on your photos in packets, you can now merge them together
into one photo box.

7. You can place Pile #3 into a photo storage box and label as Pile #3 or
Unknown.  You have 2 choices of what you can do with these photos.

1) Ask other family members if they can identify them and/or if they would
like the photo to keep.
2) Throw them away
3) Hold on to them and hope it eventually comes to you. (If this is your
choice, please call a Professional Organizer immediately!)

8. By step #8, you should have all your photos stored in a photo box by
event, person or year/decade.  

Don't Forget!
Storing your photos becomes just as important as the pictures
themselves. Without the proper storage your pictures can become
damaged and will not stand the test of time. There are many ways to
preserve your photos and use the best storage options available. For
click here.
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