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Mail Mania

I recommend to all of my clients that they have a mail stop area in their home.  
What is a mail stop area you ask? This is a small area that you come to
immediately after getting the mail.  Items needed in your mail stop?

1. Trash can
2. Paper Shredder
3. In-Box (May need more than one depending on how many members are in
your family)
4. Action Box

As soon as you arrive at your mail stop area, you will need to place each mail
item in their correct location.   

Here are some examples of what goes where…

Trash Can
Junk Mail
Any unsolicited mail that doesn't contain personal information

Paper Shredder
Offers for credit cards or clubs
Anything that contains your social security number
Anything that contains personal information

Items that go to someone else in your family

Action Box
Items that require some type of action (i.e. Bills that need to be paid,
subscriptions to renew, etc.).

If you will create a mail stop area and follow these simple steps, you won't
have to worry about your mail anymore. You will know that it has been
discarded of properly and you will know where to find it when you need it!

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