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Top Tips to Prevent (and clean-up) Email Clutter!

I have a love-hate relationship with email. I love how easy it is to use, how fast it is to
send a letter and receive a reply and I love that everyone is getting in on the action
(Even my 63 year-old Dad just learned how to send email!)

What I hate about email is the SPAM, the fact that they can be misunderstood so
easily because there is no body language involved and lastly, I dislike having to
clean out a full Inbox.

I know, I know, there are worse things in life...that's true. However, I believe that a
clean Inbox at the start of your day will help you get started on the right foot for the
rest of the day. So, that being said, here are my Top Tips to clean-up and prevent
email clutter!

Okay. So your Inbox is filled with emails and you have no idea where to start. Here's
a little cheat step I would like you to try..

1. Create a new Folder, call it Email to Process.

2. Move all of your Inbox emails into your newly created "Email to Process" folder.

3. Go back to your (now empty) Inbox and enjoy the pleasure of a clean
Inbox.....Ahhhhh, now doesn't that feel nice people? The world is right again, gas
prices have gone down and life is Oh-so-Good!

OK. Time to wake-up. I just wanted you to see what a clean Inbox looks like and
feels like and how powerful it can be! Now back to work...

4. As you are able, spend time processing the "old" emails in your new folder. Use
the steps below for processing guidelines and slowly but surely clean this folder out!

And for those of you thinking of moving more into this folder.....DON'T!


Once you read an email, decide on an action and do it. Here are your choices....

1. Delete it - Use for all unwanted emails. Use often and use a lot!
2. Reply now - Use for emails that require only an easy and quick reply from you.
3. Flag it - Use for emails that require a detailed or timely response. Leave in your
Inbox until you can clear the flag and either delete the email or archive it.
4. Archive it - Use for emails that you want to keep such as work items or recipes or

It's that simple. Please notice there is no option for letting it sit in your Inbox for
eternity never to be looked at again...

If you will follow these prevention steps, your Inbox clutter will improve dramatically! I
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