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Top Ten Tips for making the most of the space you have.

1. Space Bags – These are great for storing out-of-season clothes,
waiting-to-see-if-we-have-another-baby clothing and clothing

2. Use cabinet shelving that you design. Most times our cabinet
shelves are too high or too low for what we need to store. If you are
lucky enough to have adjustable shelves use them! If not, purchase
wire shelving and put it where you need it!

3. Ottoman Storage – I have one of these in my home and I love it.  
We keep blankets and throws in it. They are close-by and easy to
put away when we are done. Even small children can do it.

4. Bed Risers – The point of using bed risers is to create additional
under-the-bed storage. If you have the type of bed that can use
these risers, it can double your storage space. Great place to keep
those space-saver bags.

5. Multiple Hangers – These are great in small closets. They allow
you to hang a lot of clothing while using very little space.

6. GO vertical – If you are in a small space and need extra storage
you must go vertical! Use wall space to hang shelves and don’t
forget the space above doors.

7. Containerize – Put items you use at the same time in one
container. An example of this is using a bin with a handle to keep all
your hair products and tools.  When needed, you can remove the
container, use the items, and replace the container.  This works well
with cleaning supplies, make-up and mailing supplies too!

8. Over the door organizers – I use the shoe organizers a lot. The
hooks work well too.

9. Under-Sink Storage – Most people ignore this space because it
is awkward.  Buy an organizer specifically made for under the sink
and increase your storage space.

10. Purge – Last but not least, if your space is too small, a simple
session of purging can make a HUGE difference!
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