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  • Is the clutter in your home driving you crazy?
  • Do you need help down-sizing, minimizing or organizing?
  • Are your closets over-flowing with items you don't need or use?
  • Do you buy duplicates because you can't find what you are looking for?
Would you like to...

  • Accomplish more at work and at home?
  • Meet important deadlines?
  • Find things faster?
  • Gain control of your surroundings?
  • Reduce Clutter?
  • Improve quality of life?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you could
benefit from the
services of a Professional Organizer!
Calm the Clutter is a Professional Organizing Service
I really enjoyed working with
Pam Rackley. She did a great
job helping me organize
numerous areas of our home.
Amazing what we
accomplished in a short
amount of time. She was a
pleasure to work with and I
would absolutely recommend
her to others.
If you are one of those people
who tend to work from piles of
papers on your desk, try using
PileSmart binder clips with
erasable labels―to fasten
papers together by category
and quickly find what you need.
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